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Neon Handwoven Rya Carpet

8260 SEK

Number 1 in a series of small linen rugs. Using my signature frame-and-gradation motifs, this small carpet is fresh and a little bit fräck (cheeky).

I've hand-dyed the linen yarn to achieve the perfect gradation and colorway. Handwoven here in Stockholm, each knot is hand-tied and the pile is cut by hand, giving it that craftsperson's touch. Much like my wool carpet Framskridning, I've used the classic Scandinavian rya carpet 'frame' motif, which has been used for hundreds of years, and updated it for the modern home. Each of the rugs in this series are one of a kind.

I use mine as a bathmat, and because it's 100% linen this rug can be thrown in the washing machine and then the dryer. The color as well as the linen threads soften slightly with every washing.

Length: (coming soon)
Width: (coming soon)

American weaver in Sweden with an interest in the technical aspects of the craft.

Most of my current work falls under the concept of a "wholly handwoven household" [helhandvävt hushåll]. These are workhorse textiles, brukstextilier, meant to not only be used but to be dirtied or used until threadbare: dishrags, aprons, bathmats. They are objects most of us switched out for machine-woven long ago.

I want both the object and the process to be freed from their preciousness.

Grounded in the idea that using handmade textiles is the best way to show respect to both the work and the craftswoman, the Wholly Handwoven Household is a collection of handwoven, luxurious objects made to be sullied and worn.

I am a founding member of Studio Supersju, an ateljé established in 2016. We are seven weavers devoted to the future of weaving in Sweden.

Visit my website Are Clothes Modern to see my past work.